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Sujok Therapy Training Center & Clinic in Kolkata

Founder of Sujok Therapy

Park Jae Woo founded the Sujok therapy. Park Jae Woo was only eight years old when he drew similarities between a human body and a palm. After he studied medicine, he understood anatomy and realized there is some reason behind this similarity. Sujok, the alternative healing method is simple, easy, and produces effective results.

Description of Sujok Therapy: Sujok Therapy is a broad umbrella. It includes acupressure, seed therapy, acupuncture, colour therapy, twist therapy, direction therapy, smile meditation, and many other modalities of treatments. All these treatments are done without the use of medicines.

Nowadays Sujok Therapy Clinic in Kolkata very less, and we are the Sujok Therapy Training Institute in Kolkata for both training and service the patients.

Sujok Means

Sujok is the combination of two Korean words; namely “Su” meaning hands and “Jok” meaning feet. So, Sujok means treating on hands and feet. Sujok acupuncture is a natural therapy of healing without drugs or medications and you can get instant and effective relief without medication. Sujok therapy is an absolutely safe treatment without any side effects. It is basically a treatment that massages hands and feet and is used to treat several conditions like bronchitis, asthma, headaches, dizziness, migraines, gastritis, ulcers, diabetes, and also mental disorders like depression etc, and is also known to be effective in weight loss.

This therapy helps in curing several ailments like headaches, migraine, vertigo, hypertension, bronchitis, gastric problems, acidity, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, back, and spinal cord problems. The main points of Sujok Therapy are on the hands and feet corresponding to the body organs in the right direction.

Sujok Therapy

Main Highlighted Points of the Sujok Therapy:

No pain, full gain therapy

Mental and physical health balance

Seed therapy and stimulation of pressure points

Diagnosis of ailments, the balance of forces in nature to give a complete cure

The tagline is ‘Just press to destress’

The need for Sujok therapy:

By pressing the key points and applying pressure in the right direction, one can cure the problem. Here we discuss some treatment procedures with disease names.

Physical Healing:





Gastric acidity





Mental Healing:




Hand-Body Acupressure:

By using the pit of the human stomach as the center point and rotating the head 140 degrees, the parts of the hand will correspond to particular parts of the body. The thumb identifies the head and the neck; the chubby part of the palm under the thumb is the chest and the palm as a whole refers to the abdominal region. The middle and ring fingers are legs while the index and small fingers correspond to the arms. From the structural point of view, it is the hand that has the closest resemblance to the whole human body.


 Acupressure The big toe to the head and neck, the round-shaped pad under the big toe to the chest, and the palm of the foot to the abdominal area. Respectively, the third and the fourth toes correspond to the legs, while the second and the fifth toes to the arms.

Left Foot:

The second toe to the left arm, the third toe to the left leg, the fourth toe to the right leg, and the fifth toe to the right arm.

Right Foot: The second toe to the right arm, the third toe to the right leg, the fourth toe to the left leg, and the fifth to the left arm.

In our present-day, stressful life Sujok Therapy is very important for stress relief. Striking a balance between both home and work is a stressful job that may lead to mental stress. This may include anxiety, stress & fear. This therapy will help people get rid of their mental and physical issues without side effects and drugs.

We are the popular Sujok Therapy Training Center in Kolkata. Basically, we have different branches in Kolkata, South Kolkata Hazra, North Kolkata Dumdum, and Lake Town. We have some popular and qualified Doctors for Sujok Therapy.

Which Materials Needed for the Sujok Therapy:




Micro-pore Tapes


Bar Magnets

Chakra Magnets


Jimmy (a pointed instrument for giving pressure)

Thumb pad (a pointed brush)


Sticky tape

Therapeutic methods of SuJok therapy

Therapeutic methods of SuJok therapy

Seed Therapy

Therapeutic methods of SuJok therapy 1

Moxa therapy

Therapeutic methods of SuJok therapy 2

Magnet Therapy

Therapeutic methods of SuJok therapy 3

Massage therapy

Seeds therapy

Moxa therapy

Magnet therapy

Direction massage therapy

Nail therapy

Twist therapy

Colour therapy

Specialized branches of SuJok therapy are Basic

Energy flow therapy

Tri-origin theory

Eight origin theory

Twist therapy

Spiral energy system

Diamond energy system

Direction therapy

Tri-origin Feng Shui

Tri-origin acupuncture

Seed therapy and Nail Therapy

Number of sessions required for this therapy

8-10 sittings are sufficient to cure a maximum number of diseases

What is seed therapy?

A seed has a life. This is well explained by the fact that when we sow a seed, it develops into a tree. When we put and rub a seed on the pressure points, it gives us life and takes away the disease. For instance, round, spherical-shaped seeds of peas and black pepper are known to provide relief to ailments related to eyes, head, knee joints, and back problems. The kidney-shaped red beans are used to treat kidney and stomach-related disorders. The seeds with sharp corners are applied by mechanical method and exert pathological influence on the body.

It is seen that after the treatment, the seeds will change their structure, shape, and color (they may become fragile, discolored, enlarge or decrease in size, shrivel, crack or even fall to pieces) after the treatment. Such reactions show how seeds take away pain and disease.

How SuJok help to bring mental peace?

Today, stress has become a part of our lifestyle. Right from a child to an older citizen, it affects everyone which in the long run causes severe illness. While most of us depend on pills, a simple touch on the tip of your thumb with the index finger of any hand helps to give miraculous results. For a lasting effect, one should repeat this action to get ultimate relief. Tai chi also helps to reduce stress and anxiety. And it also helps increase flexibility and balance.

Types of Seeds used in SuJok for Various Ailments

AILMENTS                                                                                                                                 SEEDS USED

Cough, Cold, Flu                                                                                                          Cranberry, Cowberry, Lentil

Eyes, Breast, Head, Knees, Back Pea                                                                             Cherry, Black Pepper

Kidneys, Stomach, Kidney                                                                                                            Beans

Limbs, Lips, Nose, Intestines                                                                                              Elongated shaped

Cerebral disorders                                                                                                                        Walnut

Urinary tract, Gall’s bladder                                                                                                          Millet

Heart conditions                                                                                                                         Green pea

Gastric irritation, Constipation Cumin                                                                                      Pumpkin

Diabetes, Pancreatic problems, Urinary bladder muscles                                                  Grape Seed

Hypertension                                                                                                                              Arrowwood

inflammation, Redness, Bronchial problems, Loss of sensation in fingers/toes                   Rice

To eliminate toxic fluids                                                                                                                   Flax

 Used in Chronic inflammation, Throat, Tooth, Shoulder, Head, eyes, Tonsils                Buckwheat

Method to perform SuJok therapy:

Each part of the hand represents a body part.

Thumb:                                                               This represents the head and the neck. The tip of the thumb represents the head, and the lower part represents the neck.

Index and Little finger:                                            Both of these represent the left and right arms respectively. Starting from the bottom of these fingers, their three divisions represent the upper arm, lower arm, and palm.

Middle and Ring fingers:                                     These represent the right and left legs respectively. Starting from the bottom of these fingers, their three divisions represent the thigh, calf, and foot.

Bulky part of palm (below the thumb):                    This represents the diaphragm, and towards the left of which lies the heart and lungs.

Palm:                                                                         This represents the torso, while the backside of the hand represents the back. Similar to the hands, the feet also contain all these body parts.

The healing process is done by gently pressing the point on the hand and leg, which corresponds to the body part in question. In this way, the therapy helps in balancing the imbalanced energy in the body, cells, and organs.  The advanced treatment of Su Jok involves needles known as the Six-Ki treatment which harmonizes all three things i.e. physical, emotional, and chakra plane.

How quickly does the Sujok Therapy work?

Sujok can relieve symptoms as quickly as immediately, depending on the issue. Headaches, menstrual cramps, and many other common minor ailments can be aided with Sujok in no time at all. This is one of its greatest benefits: safe, fast relief.

Sujok Therapy Training Center in Dumdum will open the new year in January 2023. And the same year will start the patient’s clinic in the same place. So, in North Kolkata, we are the first time going to start the Sujok Therapy Clinic nearby Dumdum metro station.

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