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What is it ?

Learning to speak a language, spoken english as we call it, is like living with the people who actually speak it. We start learning a language by listening to its sounds and how people who speak it and their community. Each language has a difference in its sound and its people, how they speak it, how they express themselves, what kind of clothes they wear, how they react to situations, how they behave indoors when alone and outdoors with people. What kind of food they eat and what kind of weather they are accustomed to, what religion they follow and what are their dogmas of faith, their ethics, how they express themselves when in love or when angry. 

We start listening to the sounds of our language and learn to identify our mother tongue when in our mothers womb. Now that’s the kind of efficiency we have while speaking in our mother tongue. If english isn’t your mother tongue and you are planning on learning this language then your efficiency has to be that of your mother tongue and your dedication has to be that of the infant who was just learning about the world around.

How does Spoken English bother you?

Now that you have read and understood the above two paragraphs then I give you the title of a pro. Since you already know the language, I must say keep up the good work. For people who have read the above two paragraphs after translating it to your mother tongue or a language that you understand then read on. Through spoken english we are going to reincarnate you to be a new you. With new language comes a different personality, more confident, more positive and more polished, a gentleman. You learn to act, react, talk and live with subtlety. 

Most of the information on the web, in the libraries and in national newspapers are in english. If you want to pursue graduation or post graduation or any higher degrees in any spheres of education you have to have a good aptitude in english. Since all specialized courses and renowned books are written or published in english. To understand the subject better and express yourself to your guides or teachers in your exams or while in class you need to be proficient in the language. 

The Basics

Everything starts from the basics, so spoken english is as learning language surely has to be from arranging letters to form words, then arranging words to form sentences and then arranging sentences to form paragraphs and then arranging paragraphs to form a composition. Learning to listen, speak, read, write are four methods of learning any language. So you will be tested in the same order. 

To be able to listen and understand you need a mentor to translate it for you in the preliminary stage, then you will get a heck of it. Guidance in this stage is very essential since you learn to form sentences by listening which has a lasting impact on how you speak it. You may have noticed that children in the slums speak the words that they listen to. They speak it just the way they hear people around them speak. It may sound rude to you but it’s the way it is. You speak the things that you listen and learn. So as I told you need guidance in this stage to be able to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. 

West Bengal Exam Board – WBJEE Recently Announce ANM & GNM Upcoming Exam Date and Full Syllabus Of 2022, If You Don’t know. What Is the Latest Exam Pattern of Upcoming GNM & ANM Exam? Then You Are the Right Place, In This Post We Added All the Details Information of West Bengal WBJEEB ANM & GNM Exam 2022 Syllabus and Other Impertinent Details.

According to the office notification the ANM & GNM examination conduct OMR based common entrance test (CET) Type. academic session of 2022-23. Total 2 years Nursing, Midwifery course and 3 years general nursing And Other Relevant course.


West Bengal WBJEEB ANM & GNM Exam Details

Name Of the Examination – W.B. ANM and GNM Entrance Exam 2022

Online Registration – On-Going Now

Online Registration Close -28 Jan 2022

Exam Date – 11/06/2022 And 12/06/2022

Official Website – www.https://wbjeeb.nic.in


West Bengal ANM & GNM Exam Eligibility Criteria

For ANM Course Candidate Must Have Complete their H.S Exam Any Board and For GNM course Minimum High secondary Exam Pass with Minimum 40% Marks Candidate Eligible.


W.B ANM & GNM Exam Syllabus 2022

Subject Name             Fast Category    Sec Category      Total QSN            Full Marks

Life Science                         30                       10                          40                        50

Physical Science                 15                       10                          20                        25

English                                 15                         0                          15                        15

Mathematics                       10                         0                          10                        10

General Knowledge           10                          0                          10                        10

Reasoning                            5                            0                           5                          5

Total Marks                                                                                 100                      115


West Bengal ANM GNM exam preparation one of the important parts of previous year question paper. if you properly prepare this examination then highly recommended candidate must have check out previous year question paper for your convenience understanding the question paper types and most important time management.

West Bengal ANM & GNM Selection Mode as per the official information selection process bases of the candidate performance in written exam


W.B ANM & GNM Application Process

Interested and Eligible Candidate request to visit official website and read the detailed instruction of eligibility and application related bulletin. online application link and other important link available on admission tab.

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