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Spoken English Class With Personality Development

If you want to go global or interact officially within the nation you have to have the proficiency to speak english. That too with impressive diction, so as to captivate your audience, convince people or complement yourself as a gifted orator.

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Please note that this spoken english class comes with personality development, so as to enable you to speak in public and help you groom to sit for interviews and remove all your pre game jitters. Never feel embarrassed, nervous or scared and never give up on your dreams.

How this course will benefit you:

  • Listening: A baby starts listening when in the mother’s womb. All the sourrounding sounds and its dialects are efficiently picked up. Learning a new language needs a similar approach but with a lot more involvement and sometimes overwhelming oneself while doing it.
  • Speaking: Once a good amount of active and passive vocabulary is formed one needs to practice themselves and keep doing it until comfortable. It like learning to ride a bicycle. Keep Practicing.
  • Reading: To grow more of your active or passive vocabulary and learn to form sentences, you have to read. While reading try to stop your mother tongue interpretation of the language.
  • Writing: In the end you start putting your ideas into words of your own and in ink. 

Once you are done learning the basic skills of the language you start learning the ways to present it as much elegantly as possible. 


  • Presentation : It means a lot how you dress and how you speak and how well you define a situation. Offcourse the philosophy is “Less is More“.
  • Association : The way you present yourself indirectly influenced the people you associate with. Your associations and your associates are the ones who define you as a person.
  • Reciprocation : Finally once you have the presentation and association sorted you have to fix your reactions, not too loud not too shy. Have to have a proper word for each of your emotions. Learning to emote is something which no one teaches you an any institute, lets be the first to crack this for you and help you lead a healthy life and never let lies (so called narratives of the society) of life break you down. You now know hwo to deal with them, since you can define your emotions so clear that nothing can stop you.

Our Spoken English Recipe

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Here are a few English Speaking tips by Gyankosh Academy that will help you to master the language

Learning a new language is fun when you have the right company. Learning a new word and its usage can be really exciting if you understand that speaking even a little English and applying a new word to communicate are signs of improvement and you are on the right track. Spoken English training in Kolkata by Gyankosh Academy is now available in Kolkata and Howrah


Nothing works better than speaking. Drop your ego, shame, and whatever is holding you back from speaking because you cannot learn a new language properly if you don’t speak the language on a regular basis. Many men and women are ashamed and even scared of making mistakes, which is a wrong attitude. For you, making mistakes is natural because nobody is perfect in communication, not even the native speakers of the language and you are just an Indian who is trying to learn a foreign language. Be confident and avoid any company that makes you feel ashamed and demotivated. If you really want to learn, you have to fight with society and yourself to face the challenge. Whenever you feel nervous, take a deep breath, close your eyes, visualize that you speaking fluently, and start speaking. Stop concentrating on grammar, just try to express your feeling in English because if you don’t you will never learn. 

Use your Smartphone or PC

Besides chatting on Facebook or Whatsapp, you can do much more with your smartphone. Any modern mobile comes with facilities like video streaming classes, a voice recorder, and an online or offline dictionary. Read aloud an English article and record it. Playback your voice recording and understand how fluently you read and how properly you pronounce each word. When you are not sure about the pronunciation of a particular word, use the dictionary to get the right pronunciation. Dictionary.com or Youtube can help you get your pronunciation fixed

Watch English News Channels like BBC News and Doordarshan

Listen to news bulletins and movies starring British actors and try to copy the way they pronounce each word. Don’t try to copy their accent. You can also learn new words and expressions by watching English films. The more you listen, the more you learn. Just never try to put on a fake accent as it may sound funny and unprofessional in India and even to a native English speaker.

Read Out Loud

Read the newspaper or a magazine out loud to yourself. Find a script for your favorite movie and act it out! This is an effective way to correct pronunciation because you only need to concentrate on sounds and don’t need to worry about sentence structure or grammar. Remember that grammar is more important when you write than when you speak.

Learn a New Word Every Day

Make it a habit to open the dictionary every day and learn a new word and its right pronunciation. Try to apply the word to communicate as much as possible. Also, try to make different sentences with the word. Use the word until you know that you will never forget it.

Make Friends

Social media like Facebook and others enable us to make friends with like-minded people. Join a community of people who are interested in learning English as a foreign language. Get some English-speaking friends who can help you learn the language.

Think, Talk and Dream in English

Anything you love doing, make sure you do it and communicate it in English. Using English to communicate ideas will make practicing a positive experience. Include English words and short sentences like “Come in”, “Sit”, “Stand”, “Go”, “Buy”, “Give me the pen”, “Take it”, “Hold it”, “Do it”, “Come here”, “Call me”, “Good morning”, “Good night”, etc. Never miss an opportunity to use English phrases. If you haven’t mastered making full sentences in English, try using short commands and expressions as mentioned in this paragraph. Doing this will make your learning phase easier and you will gain confidence day by day.

The last and not the least advice – Never feel afraid or ashamed of making mistakes and never feel hesitant about welcoming criticism by your trainer because if you do you will never learn. Feel positive always. Learning is fun when your attitude is right.

Quick Facts about Necessity of English Language in India

1. In Kolkata – India, English may not be the most spoken language, but it is one of the official languages we work with. From smartphones to electricity bills, English is used everywhere to make our life easy. Most of the educated Indians use English words in their daily life but they don’t know how to use the language to express their thoughts and emotions properly.

2. English is the leading business language in India and abroad and Indians from various professional fields and being forced to learn spoken English if they want to survive tough competitions. Any cross-border business communication is most often conducted in English; therefore, to excel in business and career, one must know how to communicate effectively in the language. Learning the language can really change our life.

3. You need to know English to enjoy Hollywood movies, western music, and English literature as well. By learning English you will have access to an amazing world of entertainment and will be able to have a better understanding of global culture.

4. Internet, the lifeline of modern India and the IT industry, is flooded with content produced in English, and people who know to at least read and write(if can’t speak) in English, get access to a large amount of information that may not be otherwise available.

Why You Should Learn English As An Individual

Many students and professionals will already be able to read and write English well, but a significant number cannot speak English properly. An individual who cannot speak in English well faces the following challenges –

  • They cannot understand the administrative systems and the work cultures.
  • They cannot access health and other services
  • They struggle hard to get jobs
  • It is very difficult for them to move into higher-skilled work
  • It is tough for parents to support their children’s education
  • Employees suffer from a lack of confidence while working with English speaking colleagues
  • People cannot become part of elite English speaking communities

What may be holding you back from learning English Communication?

Researchers have identified the top 10 reasons that may be preventing you from learning the language.

  • Lack of information about the opportunities available
  • Lack of support and encouragement by the management
  • Lack of social support and encouragement by parents
  • Lack of proper trainer
  • Fear and embarrassment
  • High cost of the classes
  • No free time to attend the classes
  • Location of the training centers
  • Lack of individual attention during the classes
  • Lack of like-minded friends Gyankosh Academy – Kolkata, the spoken English tutorial that teaches how to speak English fluently, wants all students and employees to learn Spoken English to improve their lives and their employment prospects. We also want employees who are engaged in low-paid, low-skilled jobs to improve take our spoken English course in Kolkata, so that they can access better career opportunities. Sad but true, many experienced and qualified workers from non-English medium backgrounds fail to grab suitable jobs just because they don’t speak English confidently.

    Let us help You Acquire English Speaking Skills because We Offer –

  • Best Spoken English Institute in Kolkata for English speaking, learning, reading.
  • Qualified and experienced spoken English tutor in Howrah Kolkata
  • Encouragement to work in groups to develop day-to-day communication skills
  • You practice your listening, speaking, and pronunciation using a range of stimulating materials and classroom activities
  • You become a more independent language learner
  • You enjoy learning English
  • We offer friendly yet professional English-speaking classes in Kolkata and Howrah that will help you practice without any hesitation.
  • You develop a strong knowledge of grammar too.
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