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Pharmacy degrees offer a chance to explore great career opportunities. The programs offered under this discipline have voluminous scopes all around the world. Another great aspect associated with this academic field is the wide array of degrees and diploma programs.

In the contemporary world, the contribution of Pharmacy education has made a significant contribution to mankind and society at large. From medicinal drugs to vaccines, everything has been developed under the banner of Pharmacy. GYANKOSH ACADEMY offers D.Pharm admission in Kolkata, top colleges in West Bengal, Bangalore under the West Bengal Pharmacy Council, and the West Bengal University of Health Science.

There comes a little confusion for those candidates who have just finished their intermediate in science stream and are planning to pursue a Pharmacy degree. A Diploma in Pharmacy is a short-range diploma for aspirants who want to start their career in the field of pharmacy. Instead of doing long-term courses in the pharmacy domain, the D. Pharmacy course is the ideal choice for the student who wants a quick start in their pharmacy career. Pursuing D. Pharm can be a good beginning to understand the fundamentals of a pharmacy program and then pursue advanced programs like B. Pharm & Pharm D.

A Diploma in Pharmacy covers fundamental Pharmacy Education including the application of chemistry in the pharma industry, theoretical & practical concepts of biochemistry, pharmacology, and toxicology. The course enables the students to study different chemical salts, their cation, and their uses in medicine. The program holds fine significance in the pharmaceutical industry.

This program is designed to prepare candidates to work under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist in hospitals, community pharmacies, and other pharmaceutical-related fields. Candidates can also pursue MBA in Pharmaceutical Management after this course, though they would need to complete their bachelor’s first. Working students can do a distance pharmacy course in Kolkata, we will prove online and offline classes from Kolkata.

Eligibility: Passed Class 12 in a relevant stream from a recognized board. Students must have studied Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or Mathematics as compulsory subjects.

Duration:  2 years


Students who wish to pursue a Diploma in Pharmacy course must fulfill the following eligibility criteria.

  • The candidate must have passed Class 12 or equivalent from a recognized board.
  • Students must have studied Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or Mathematics as compulsory subjects.
  • The candidate must have a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate.
  • 10% relaxation in marks will be given to candidates belonging to SC/ST/OBC (non-creamy layer),

D Pharmacy Syllabus

This Diploma in Pharmacy course is taught in traditional yearly-based curriculums. Below is mentioned the detailed syllabus for the two years. The syllabus of D. Pharm in West Bengal may be different to an extent as per the curriculum of each institute, but the basic structures and topics remain the same for the entire curriculum offering this particular diploma course.

D Pharmacy Course Content

Year I

Pharmaceutics I Introduction to different dosage forms


Packaging of pharmaceuticals

Size separation by Shifting

Clarification and Filtration

Pharmaceutical Chemistry 1       

Acids, Bases and Buffers


Gastrointestinal Agents

Topical Agents

Dental Products

Definition, History, and Scope

Pharmaceutical Aids

Various systems of Classification of Drugs and Natural Origin

Adulteration and drug evaluation

Biochemistry Clinical Pathology 

Introduction to Biochemistry






Human Anatomy Physiology       

Scope of Anatomy and Physiology

Elementary Tissues

Skeletal Systems

Cardiovascular Systems

Respiratory Systems

Muscular Systems

Health Education Community Pharmacy Concept of Health

Nutrition and Health

First Aid

Environment and Health

Fundamental Principles of Microbiology

Communicable Diseases

Year II

Pharmaceutics 2             

Reading and Understanding Prescriptions

Study of Various types of Incompatibilities


Dispensed Medications

Types of Powders

Lipids and Dosage forms

Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2       

Introduction to Nomenclature of Organic Chemical Systems

Antiseptics and Disinfectants

Antileprotic Drugs

Pharmacology and Toxicology   

Introduction to Pharmacology

Scope of Pharmacology

Drugs: Their Advantages and Disadvantages

General Mechanism of Drug Action

Drugs acting on the Central Nervous System

Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence    

Origin and Nature of Pharmaceutical Legislation in India

Principles and Significance of Professional Ethics

Pharmacy Act, 1948

The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940

The Drugs and Magic Remedies Act, 1954

Drug Store Business Management           


Drug House Management


Recruitment and Training

Banking and Finance

Introduction to Accounting

Hospital Clinical Pharmacy          

Definition, Function, and Classification of Hospitals

Hospital Pharmacy

The Drug Distribution System in the Hospital


Drug Information Service

Introduction to Clinical Pharmacy

Modern Dispensing Aspects

Why Choose Diploma in Pharmacy Course?

Diploma in Pharmacy course provides registered pharmacy qualification for practicing pharmacy profession under the Pharmacy Act. Many graduates pursue careers in a hospital pharmacy or community pharmacy where they are directly involved in patient care working in partnership with physicians. Pharmacists are the key person to dispense the medication to the patient which requires special registration status from the government of India.

D.Pharm course in Kolkata is eligible to open an online pharmacy which is a demanding business in India in the field of pharmacy. The course aims to train qualified candidates to fill orders under a pharmacist’s supervision, enter patient information, identify prescriptions, process paperwork for orders, and understand and apply drug and medical terminology, as well as basic pharmacology. The curriculum of the diploma course is designed to teach students to understand drug dosage calculations, regularly used pharmacy computer systems, compounding, pharmacy practices, and procedures.

Difference between D. PHARM and B. PHARM

  1. B.Pharm, or the Bachelor of Pharmacy, is an undergraduate course.
  2. B.Pharm or the Diploma in Pharmacy is a full-time program of the diploma level
  3. B.Pharm is for a duration of 4 long years and has to be done mandatorily by anyone who aspires to practice as a pharmacist.
  4. The course of the D.Pharm is for a duration of 2 years and it is divided into four semesters.
  • The B.Pharm course consists of learning the preparation and distribution of medications and drugs for a wide variety of illnesses and deficiencies.
  • The student’s research medicines and medications, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical engineering, etc. during B.Pharm.
  • The D.Pharm program and its course were designed to train applicants to work under the guidance of an expert and a licensed pharmacist.
  • The D.Pharm syllabus is structured in such a way that both functional and theoretical aspects and topics of the field are included.
  • B. Pharm offers a wide variety of career opportunities and opens students’ doors to both the public and private sectors.
  • Upon completion of their B. Pharm course, students can work as a pharmacist.
  • In a broad variety of industries related to the manufacturing, prescription, and supply of drugs, they will then function.
  • D.Pharm ‘s course trains students to be able to assist in drug delivery, narcotics management, data analysis, third-party accounting, pharmacy pre-packing, and clerical and other required tasks.
  • The D.Pharm program in West Bengal is a career-oriented course in the medical field of pharmaceutical science aimed at familiarizing students with all the fundamental principles of pharmaceutical science.


  • A wide range of careers await those who have completed the Diploma in Pharmacy course in both the private and public sectors.
  • There are a large number of job opportunities for students in this field. Pharmacy Diploma holders are hired in many different sectors of the industry such as Health centers, pharmaceuticals firms, chemist shops, research agencies, hospitals, etc.
  • Fresh Diploma holders of this course can easily expect an initial salary of INR 2,00,000 to 5,00,000 per year. The salary offered is proportional to the experience earned in the field. The salary offered increases with an increase in experience in the field.


The Diploma in Pharmacy program is gaining popularity nowadays and offers diverse career opportunities. This further affirms the immense popularity of the course among students. The most popular choices of education on completion of a Diploma in Pharmacy are as follows.

  • B.Pharmacy: If one wishes to continue in the same field of education, the first program of choice is a B.Pharma. It is a four-year course and the eligibility criteria include passing Class 12 in relevant streams.
  • PGD: A large number of Diploma holders choose to go for the PGD in Pharmaceutical Management course. Admissions are offered through a national-level entrance test.
  • Competitive examinations: Another route that Diploma holders can go for is to prepare for competitive examinations. Examinations that are meant for job opportunities in Government sector organizations are the most popular. Jobs in this sector are secure with assured high pay and regular increments.

List of Government D.Pharmacy Colleges in Kolkata West Bengal

Sl. No.       Name of the College                                                          Location

1                   Institute of Pharmacy                                                        Bankura

2                  Sree Ramakrishna Silpa Vidyapith                                     Birbhum

3                  Cooch Behar Polytechnic                                                   Cooch Behar

4                  Siliguri Government Polytechnic                                       Siliguri

5                  Women’s Polytechnic Chandan Nagar                             Hooghly

6                  Institute of Pharmacy                                                         Jalpaiguri

7                  Jan Chandra Ghosh Polytechnic                                        Kolkata

8                  Institute of Pharmacy                                                         Nadia

9                  Contai Polytechnic                                                           Purba Medinipur

Details of Diploma Pharmacy Colleges in West Bengal

  1. Institute of Pharmacy, Bankura
  2. Sree Ramkrishna Silpa Vidyapith, Birbhum
  3. Cooch Behar Polytechnic, Cooch Behar
  4. Siliguri Government Polytechnic, Siliguri
  5. Women’s Polytechnic Chandannagar, Hooghly
  6. Institute of Pharmacy, Jalpaiguri
  7. Jnan Chandra Ghosh Polytechnic, Kolkata
  8. Institute of Pharmacy, Kalyani, Nadia
  9. Contai Polytechnic, Purba Medinipur

Private Pharmacy Colleges in West Bengal:

Sl. No.                       Name of the College                                                                              Location

1                      Burdwan Institute of Pharmacy                                                                 Purba Bardhaman

2                      East West Education Institute                                                                    Purba Bardhaman

3                      Gupta College of Technological Sciences                                                Paschim Bardhaman

4                      Dr. BC Roy College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences               Paschim Bardhaman

5                      Sanaka Educational Trust’s Group of Institutions                                 Paschim Bardhaman

6                       Pandaveswar School of Pharmacy                                                          Paschim Bardhaman

7                       Bengal College of Pharmaceutical Science and Research                  Paschim Bardhaman

8                       Bengal College of Pharmaceutical Technology                                             Birbhum

9                       Gitanjali College of Pharmacy                                                                          Birbhum

10                     Birbhum Pharmacy School                                                                               Birbhum

11                      DMBH Institute of Medical Sciences                                                              Hooghly

12                      Genex College of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology                       Hooghly

13                     Camellia College of Pharmacy                                                                          Hooghly

14                     Bengal School of Technology (A College of Pharmacy)                                 Hooghly

15                     Seacom Pharmacy College                                                                                Howrah

16                     Bharat Technology                                                                                              Howrah

17                    Calcutta Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology and Allied

Health Sciences                                                                                                                            Howrah

18                     NSHM Knowledge Campus                                                                               Kolkata

19                     Jiaganj Institute of Pharmacy                                                                      Murshidabad

20                     Jakir Hossain Institute of Pharmacy                                                           Murshidabad

21                    Tarifa Memorial Institute of Pharmacy                                                       Murshidabad

22                    RJTJA Diploma Pharmacy College                                                                 Murshidabad

23                    ABL Institute of Pharmacy                                                                             Murshidabad

24                   Global College of Pharmaceutical Technology                                                  Nadia

25                   Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Institute of Pharmacy                                         Nadia

26                   MR College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research                        North 24 Parganas

27                   Eminent College of Pharmaceutical Technology                                   North 24 Parganas

28                   Guru Nanak Institute of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology    North 24 Parganas

29                   BCDA College of Pharmacy and Technology                                          North 24 Parganas

30                   BCDA College of Pharmacy and Technology Campus 2                       North 24 Parganas

31                   Kharagpur Pharmaceutical Institute                                                       Paschim Medinipur

32                   Anand College of Education                                                                     Paschim Medinipur

33                   P. G. Institute of Medical Sciences                                                          Paschim Medinipur

34                   Haldia Institute of Pharmacy                                                                     Purba Medinipur

35                   Moyna Pharmaceutical Institute                                                               Purba Medinipur

36                   Derozio Pharma Institute                                                                           Purba Medinipur

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