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Why is Distance Education being best in Kolkata?

Distance education in Kolkata is taking everyone’s attention. Either non-working mothers or students preparing for government exams. Online education is an excellent opportunity for working professionals as well. Read the details below to get admission to an online course in India.

BA B.Sc. B. Com Distance Education in Kolkata Howrah

Students from West Bengal, Kolkata can now get 3 years BA B.Sc. B. Com distance education degrees from private Universities in West Bengal and other states in India, like Netaji Subhas Open University, and YBN UNIVERSITY. Also, graduation is a degree course after completing Higher Secondary or 10+2. After completing the graduation course everyone wants for a good salary package jobs in Government and private sector and multiple career options. With an online B.A, B.Sc and B.Com distance education in kolkata, 3 years graduation course is very popular in recent time. We have made the process easy for all, and you can get the degree at home as well.

BA B.Sc B.Com Distance Education

Types of Bachelor Degree

BAbachelor of arts is a type of bachelor’s that typically emphasizes critical thinking, communication skills, and the humanities. Majoring in Geography, History, Political Science, Bengali, English, or communications will generally earn you a BA. A Bachelor of Arts may provide a track to careers that draw on human connection and critical thinking attributes—like teaching, human resources, advertising, or government work.

B. Com – full form is Bachelor of Commerce. B. Com is a three-year undergraduate program. B. Com course is designed to impart Analytical skills, Financial Literacy, Business Acumen etc, to the students by focusing more on the theoretical aspects.

B. Com Admissions guides for top B. Com Colleges in India like Bhawanipur Education Society College, Heramba Chandra College, Sivnath Shastri College, Amity University, Kolkata, St. Xavier’s College, Scottish Church College, Asutosh College, Rammohan College etc, are done both on the basis of merit and through various entrance exams as well. Some of the top entrance exams conducted for enrolling students in B. Com courses are IPU CET, DUET, NPAT, BHU UET etc.

During the 3-years B. Com degree, the aspirants will learn about the general business principles, and at the same time, study core commerce subjects such as finance, economics, accounting, actuarial studies, business management, etc.

B.Sc – A Bachelor of Science degree typically emphasizes quantifiable skills in coursework. This means physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, medical, paramedical, B.Sc Nursing, Agriculture degrees are generally categorized as B.Sc degrees. It is making them good ways to launch a career in science.

Some of the subjects are both science and liberal arts, like psychology, economics, political science and geography can be either a B.A or a B.Sc, depending on the types of courses you emphasize in your studies.

Learn more about the difference between the two degrees.

What is the Online Distance Education Degree in Kolkata?

There are so many online graduation degree courses opportunities in Kolkata, from the Undergraduate level to an advanced diploma or master’s degree. Besides, it also depends on your higher secondary marks, career goal and academic results, as it is easy to pursue a course from distance education in Kolkata, Howrah.  

How can I apply for an Online Degree Course from Distance Universities in West Bengal and Abroad?

UGC-DEB-approved universities offer online graduation distance education courses. However, their policies and procedures may differ. You can also get our counseling for an easier process. The counseling service is free and all-time available for any query for both West Bengal Universities and Abroad Universities.

Is there any One-Year Graduate Degree in Kolkata?

Any student who has failed in 1st year, 2nd year, or 3rd year is eligible to sit in single sitting degree courses online it is possible. Students provide their supporting documents to take online degree courses admission in Kolkata, Howrah, West Bengal and Abroad.

How to get a One Year Graduation Degree from a Distance University in Kolkata?

Distance Universities provide a service for students like you to get a hassle-free education. We will help you to UG degrees in one year within one sitting online from recognized universities in India. Netaji Subhas Open University and IGNOU  are providing distance education in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Admission Procedure of One Year Degree Courses in Kolkata:

Each and Every distance university has its Terms and Conditions. There are some primary processes to get the enrollment and pass the exam in one sitting.

Credit Transfer is one of the policies for people who have discontinued their graduation/post-graduation in the middle of the course can easily continue. If you have already completed the 2nd year from any UGC-DEB recognized university and quit the course, then you are eligible to take direct admission in 3rd year. But you have to give exams in one sitting and get an online degree in one year.

Lateral Entry for a person who can have a direct entry in the three-years graduate program if he/she has completed 10+2 diploma from any stream recognized board or council. Also, you are allowed to sit for the final exams online.

Breaking study is for those students who left the course in the middle of UG to directly sit for the final year. But you need to write for all exams in one sitting online process and must have at least a gap of 3 years after completing the 12th exam.

Bachelor of Arts or BA in Distance Education in Kolkata West Bengal

Bachelor of Arts or BA Distance Education in Kolkata is a three years undergraduate degree offered by Netaji Subhas Open University and different open universities in India and abroad. Some Abroad Universities offer regular online BA, B.Sc, and B.Com undergraduate courses in Kolkata. The minimum eligibility criteria for admission are 10+2 in any discipline from a recognized board or university. It is composed of many expressive disciplines and offers various subject combinations for candidates to choose from apart from 1-2 compulsory subjects. These subjects include Liberal Arts, Science, or both and their combinations may vary from university to university.

BA courses have the option of choosing major and minor subjects like English, French or any other linguistic course, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, History, Religious Studies, and more areas.

BA, B.Sc and B.Com undergraduate Distance Education degree is a flexible allowing candidates to adapt to the changing demands of the employment market and meet their career demands. It enhances the candidates’ communication, research, and analytical skills. The ability to analyze tasks, set priorities, and communicate goals to others are some such skills that can be honed for those pursuing the course.

Career Prospects of BA Distance Education in West Bengal

Candidates who completed the Bachelor of Arts course can further opt for higher studies or seek employment in any of the public or private sectors with decision-making and good communication ability. For students who wish to continue higher studies, after the completion of a Bachelor of Arts, multiple options are available in India. They can opt for an MA course in any of the subjects they studied as a part of the BA degree. Students who wish to study for a professional degree can get into an MBA program at any of the prestigious Management institutes in India. There are still more options available for those vying for a professional degree like MCA, Law, etc.

Some of the Private Sectors which Employ BA Degree Holders are:

Various Bachelor of Arts jobs include becoming BPO sector, Educational Institution, Teacher, Content Writer, Features Writer, Public Relations Executive, Journalist, Social Worker, Customer Care Executive, HR Executive, Media professional or Journalism and various others.

Examples of careers where employers require or strongly prefer a Bachelor of Arts degree include:

Marketing and Sales Management: Manage teams and strategic marketing plans for a company or organization

Human Resources Management: Administer human resources and manage the complexities of benefits and compensation at places of employment

Business Leadership: Aspire to senior leadership and executive level positions within companies

Non-Profit Management and fundraising: Understand the dynamics of managing not-for-profit organizations and the legalities of fundraising

Public Relations: Take on the challenges of managing brands, promotion, and publicity for companies or organizations

News Journalism: Use your talents as permanent staff of news outlets, including newspapers and TV networks

Financial Management: Oversee the finances, spending, and purchasing of companies and manage accounting teams

Information Technology: Manage IT teams and strategic planning for growth in IT

Teaching: Start with a bachelor’s degree and earn credentials to become a K-12 teacher or school administrator

Medical Technology: Provide essential technology services in hospitals, clinics, and labs

Healthcare Management: Coordinate services and manage the business side of healthcare facilities

Web design and Web Development: Design and manage websites and apps that serve customers and achieve revenue goals

Aeronautics and Aviation: Train to become a pilot, air traffic controller, instructor, or airline manager

What is a BA Degree?

A Bachelor of Arts degree focuses on exploring the liberal arts, generally requiring students to take fewer concentration courses. This basically alludes to success in any professional arena through studies in a mixture of subjects. BA students have the freedom of customizing their education to fulfill career goals and academic aspirations. Some of the most common majors include Digital Media Communications, Journalism, Modern Languages, and Interdisciplinary Studies.  

BA subjects, here are some of the subject areas of Bachelor of Arts courses in India:

BA English

BA English Literature

BA Fine Arts

BA Psychology

BA Archaeology

BA Social Work

BA Rural Studies

BA Music

BA History

BA Communication Studies

BA Economics

BA Sociology

BA Philosophy

BA Political Science

BA Journalism and Mass Communication

BA Geography

BA Theology

BA Anthropology

BA Biomedical Sciences

BA Public Administration


BA Home Science

BA Physical Education

BA Functional English

Other Language, Literature, and Linguistics degree courses like that in Hindi, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, etc. B.A distance education in Kolkata, all the general subjects are available in Distance and online mode from reputed Universities. 

What is a B.Sc Distance Education in Kolkata (Bachelor of Science)?

A Bachelor of Science, on the other hand, is slightly more focused on the subject and requires more credits. The Bachelor’s undergraduate program features are more technical, and mathematical approach. Whilst this degree does promote in depth and detailed thinking, it also improves analytical and statistical thinking. It is typically scientific courses that are B.Sc Degrees such as Computer Science, Health and Social Care etc.

List of B.Sc Courses

B.Sc offers you an opportunity to choose from an array of general as well as specialized courses. The following table elucidates some of the best and frequently-opted B.Sc courses that you must explore:

B.Sc in Information Technology (IT)               B.Sc Computer Science                  B.Sc Nursing

B.Sc Fashion Designing                                    B.Sc Animation                                B.Sc Mathematics

B.Sc Agriculture                                                 B.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics          B.Sc Forestry

B.Sc Anesthesia                                                 B.Sc Nautical Science                      B.Sc Geology

B.Sc Cardiology                                                 B.Sc Microbiology                             B.Sc Aeronautics

B.Sc Aviation                                                      B.Sc Visual Communication           B.Sc Psychology

B.Sc Radiology                                                   B.Sc Anthropology                           B.Sc Anatomy

B.Sc in Product Design                                     B.Sc Physics                                      B.Sc Chemistry

B.Sc Biology                                                        B.Sc Molecular Biology                   B.Sc Ecology

B.Sc Economics                                                 B.Sc Environmental Science           B.Sc Food Technology

B.Sc Geology                                                      B.Sc Home Science                          B.Sc Hospitality Management

B.Sc Statistics                                                     B.Sc Life Sciences                             B.Sc Botany

B.Sc Mathematics                                              B.Sc IT                                                B.Sc Microbiology

B.Sc Biotechnology                                            B.Sc Biochemistry                            B.Sc Zoology

B.Sc Geography                                                  B.Sc Clinical Research                     B.Sc Healthcare Management

B. Com Distance Education in Kolkata West Bengal

B.Com distance education is a three year under graduate degree course that deals in Accounting, Finance, Banking & Insurance, Marketing, Human Resources and Taxation. The B.com distance education in Kolkata, syllabus is designed in a manner which develops competency in students, allowing them to pursue higher level programs. It also increases employability. Recent time B. Com online degree course is very popular in Kolkata and India from different abroad universities.

Career Prospect of B. Com or Commerce Courses

After being awarded the B. Com degree, candidates can either look for jobs in various departments as an accountant, Operation manager, counter management or opt for higher education. B.Com graduates can pursue post-graduation courses such as M.Com (Master of Commerce), MBA (Master of Business Administration), CA (Chartered Accountant), CS (Company Secretary), ICWA (Institute of Cost and Work Accountants of India), ACA (Association of Chartered Accountants) etc. If you complete Tally, GST and TDS course, it will also help you to your industrial job. Online commerce degree course available in Kolkata, West Bengal and Abroad. Working people can attend the distance commerce course in Kolkata for better career. Gyankosh Academy will help the students who want to continue the higher education.

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