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Bachelor of Technology - B.Tech

B.Tech direct admission in top engineering colleges in Kolkata is going on, apart from Joint Entrance Rank. Now the B.Tech is making a student expert in science and technology, exposing them to rewarding career opportunities all over the world. You either get a B.Tech degree after successfully passing all the semesters you must eligible for a good carrier option in India. In Kolkata and the rest of West Bengal and Bangalore, many private engineering colleges are offering B.Tech degrees as well.  If you really dream to become a Bachelor of Technology, contact us for career counseling in West Bengal Kolkata.

List of Popular B.Tech Streams Admission in Kolkata

  1. B.Tech in Computer Science
  2. B.Tech in Mechanical
  3. B.Tech in Information Technology
  4. B.Tech in Electronics & Communication
  5. B.Tech in Civil
  6. B.Tech in Electrical
  7. B.Tech in Biomedical
  8. B.Tech in Food Technology
  9. B.Tech in Automobile Engineering
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